Learn About Our Style of Martial Arts Training

Although people generally select a martial arts school for reasons other than its martial arts style (e.g., reputation, location, emphasis on character-development, family focus), it’s still good to have a general understanding of the styles of martial arts when searching for the best school for you.

Our style of martial arts training is called Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a martial art that is characterized by its techniques emphasizing on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, as well as fast kicking. In order to accomplish fast, turning kicks, taekwondo generally utilizes stances that are more narrow resulting in less-stable than the broader and  wider stances adopted by other martial arts such as karate. The trading of decreased stability is thought to be worth the increase in agility, specific to the Kukkiwon-style taekwondo.

To learn about Taekwondo in comparison to the other martial arts styles, you should read our Martial Arts Style Overview, which provides an overview of all the main styles of martial arts.

* Understanding the Various Styles of Martial Arts *

In reading this report you’ll see that the style differences are primarily in the physical aspects of the art (e.g., more or less emphasis on kicking, punching and throwing).

We obviously believe that Taekwondo is the best of the martial arts relative to the physical aspects. But what makes K.H. Kim Taekwondo special is that our training goes far beyond the kick, the punch and the throw. We also place a strong emphasis on the personal development of our students.

While we are experts in teaching Taekwondo techniques, a large focus of our training is on developing the following personal attributes in our students: self confidence, focus, discipline, fitness, healthy weight and self-esteem.

While character development is inherent within all martial arts, at K.H. Kim Taekwondo, we put a special emphasis on maximizing our student’s potential in all aspects of their life.

To learn more about the personal-development aspects of our training, please access our free reports.

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