Taekwondo belt rankings are used to designate various grades, levels or degrees of proficiency or experience. Taekwondo ranks are not standardized and do vary depending on style. Rankings are conveyed by the Korean word "geup". Geup is a translation of Kyu which is a Japanese term used in martial arts to describe the academic tests and other similar activities one must complete to achieve designation.

At Integrity Taekwondo we work with our students to perfect the art of taekwondo. Our instructors are patient and communicate effectively with students. Though our Masters hold great interest in seeing our students promote from one geup to the next, we do possess set testing intervals which require students to practice and demonstrate the retention of the knowledge and understanding of the art per specific level prior to promotion.

Rankings are typically separated into "junior" and "senior" levels that are commonly referred to as "belt colors". Junior taekwondo rankings are based on the color of ones belt which generally wear belts ranging in color from white (the lowest rank) to red or brown (higher ranks, depending on the style of taekwondo). The senior ranking levels also known as the "black belt" ranks - are typically made of nine ranks. Each rank is called a "dan" or"degree" (as in "third dan" or "third-degree black belt"). The numbering sequence for dan ranks is opposite that of geup ranks: numbering begins at 1st dan (the lowest black-belt rank) and counts upward for higher ranks. A practitioner's degree is sometimes indicated on the belt itself with stripes, Roman numerals, or other methods.

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